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In any season, the region offers many rural or outdoor activities : fishing, picking mushrooms, blueberries or chestnuts, hiking, mountain biking, enduro or cycling tourism, horse riding, swimming in the river...

In the village of Arlebosc, come and stroll while discovering "the hidden Archives of Arlebosc", a new discovery trail for the whole family which will take you, starting from the market place, from the mountain to the banks of the Doux, passing by by the 19th century church, which houses the Museum of Sacred Art, the Pierre-qui-Vire (geological curiosity), its 4 castles, the Saint-Just chapel, the Banchet Viaduct or the Tincey footbridge...

Come and test the many hikes from the campsite or from the town hall square. We are at your disposal to advise you and provide you with all the necessary hiking maps.

Taste good local products at the Fromagerie des Blanchettes (products made from goat's milk, fruits, 5 km away), at the Ferme des Genêts (chestnuts, apples, berries, jams, fruit juices), at Les Fauries, the highest hamlet of Arlebosc (what a view...) or in Morlanche to taste good organic wines.

If you have more time, why not take it a step further and try one of these experiences ?


Arlebosc et ses archives cachées
La Fromagerie des Blanchettes
La Ferme des Genêts

Fun / family activities :


The Doux Valley Vélorail (departing from Boucieu-le-Roi 6 km away), as well as the famous Train de l'Ardèche (departing from Tournon-Saint-Jean station 21 km away) pass at the gates of the campsite. They will show you around the Gorges du Doux and, after a stopover at Arlebosc station, will take you to the Lamastre market.

Geocaching : join the biggest treasure hunt in the world ! Download the official Geocaching app and go in search of the geocaches of Saint Just in Arlebosc, La Salette and the Gorges de la Daronne in Colombier le Vieux, the Croix d'Argent in Saint Félicien, the Croix de Genêts in Saint Victor or the Chevelu de la Daronne in Pailharès. What pretty hikes...

Treasure hunts : fun courses in complete autonomy, with family or friends

for example : in Boucieu-le-Roi from the vélorail station, discover the village of a thousand secrets (leaflet at the Traditions Vivaroises Exhibition). Visit the church, the Pierre-Vigne museum, the Bailiff's house, the Stations of the Cross or the King's Bridge. Boucieu-le-Roi has a rich historical past.

Escape Game : "the Chamber of mysteries" in Lamastre (13 km) or "Mission Graal" in Tain l'Hermitage (27 km)

Inflatable structures, trampoline, slackline : at Bambou Play'Air in Tournon

The Château-Musée (castle museum in Tournon 25 km) and "Le Secret du Cardinal", a theatrical escape game where you are the hero...

Treasure hunt "in the footsteps of a brilliant Ardèche inventor", Sentier des tours in Tournon / Rhône (25 km)

Le Safari de Peaugres (42 km), the largest zoo in the region !

The Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval in Hauterives (55 km)

Bodies of water / Leisure centers : the lake of Retourtour at the foot of the castle in Lamastre, the plan of Salins in Désaignes, the Lac de Devesset (40 km), the Lac de Champos (Drôme 43 km)

The Parc des Perroquets (parrot park in Bren Drôme 37 km)


Safari de Peaugres
Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval
Château-musée de Tournon-sur-Rhône
©IDC Ardeche Hermitage Tourisme

Sporting activities


Aim for your hikes : on the website, no less than 63 hiking routes (720 km of marked trails !), 15 cycling trails, 13 mountain bikes including 7 enduro, and even routes for cycling electric !

The green roads of Ardèche are ideal for discovering the Ardèche by bike with the family. These cycle routes are accessible and safe for everyone. With children or between friends, go quietly to assault the deepest valleys of the Ardèche. Consult the interactive map !

The roads of the Ardéchoise will make you discover charming villages, like Boucieu-le-Roi (5 km away, with a 7 km discovery hike, to discover the flora and fauna, questionnaire for adults / children available at the 'Exposition des Traditions Vivaroises), Désaignes or Lalouvesc, nearby. Visit the ruins of the castles of Retourtour or of Peychelard in Lamastre, or those of the castle of Rochebloine in Nozières (15 km) with its magnificent viewpoint over the Vercors. Do not hesitate to also consult the Lamastre tourist office website to discover all the hikes to do in the surroundings !

For day trips, we invite you to visit Entraigues-sur-Volane a little further, the country of the singer Jean Ferrat, Beauchastel, at the confluence of the Rhône and Eyrieux, Chalencon, with granite houses or even Thueyts , with the Via Ferrata du Pont du Diable.

Test the electric bike or the fat bike to discover the region (rental at the Saint Félicien Tourist Office) !

And why not combine the bike, the boat and the train in one experience ? With the Bleu-Vert-Vapeur loop offered by Compagnie des Canotiers with the Train de l'Ardèche, come and experience an unforgettable and soothing moment on the water ! Unless you prefer a short cruise to discover Tournon and Tain from the Rhône.


Boucieu-le-Roi, village de caractère
© Ardèche Hermitage
les ruines du château de Rochebloine
© Ardèche Hermitage Tourisme
Naviguez à bord de la Compagnie des Canotiers !
©Hermitage Tournonais Tourisme


Fancy a little horseback ride ? We suggest the Ecuries de Longchamp in Colombier-le-Vieux, the riding center Le Vergier in Desaignes or the Ferme de Bonnefont in Plats for a ride with donkeys or in a horse-drawn carriage.

ULM: Aéroclub ULM Air des Choix in Saint-Victor (13 km)

Karting and Paintball : Driv'Kart, 650 m circuit and Paintball Park Valence at La Roche de Glun (30 km)

Cycling on the Dolce Via : follow the Eyrieux on the old railway line, on foot, mountain bike or on horseback, between Saint-Agrève or Lamastre and La Voulte-sur-Rhône, on more than 90 km of gentle route equipped and secure (slope at 1 or 2%) then join the ViaRhôna, the path that runs along the Rhône.

Canoeing : come and rent a canoe in Les Ollières-sur-Eyrieux or test the Aquarock adventure park, with its giant zip lines above the Eyrieux river and on the rocks, or even rent rosalies in Les Ollières / Eyrieux (45 km)

Sailing club : optimist, catamaran, dinghy in La Roche de Glun

Tree climbing : Accroforest in Peyrins (26, north of Romans)

AirSoft Generation Park : between paintball and lasergame in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse (39 km)

All-terrain electric scooters rental : Trot Trot Trot to discover the Drôme des Collines, in Genissieux (50 km)


la Dolce Via, voie douce au bord de l'Eyrieux

Nature :


Randocroquis au Sentier du Bois Madame in Bozas (5 km): discovery through the drawing of landscaped points of interest, exceptional panorama over the Rhône Valley, the Vercors and the Alpine massif.

The Gorges de la Daronne and the Chapel of Saint-Sorny : in Colombier-le-Vieux (10 km) a remarkable natural space, plunging views over the river and its meanders

"The secret nature of the Gorges de la Daronne": kit for 5 € on sale at the Tourist Office to discover the secrets of the place (history, fauna, flora...)

The Arboretum in Saint Félicien / Camping de Pierrageais (12 km): botanical trail along the Daronne

Seignobos park in Lamastre

The farm "Les Bergers des Chaupous" (15 km)

Les Truites d'Andaure : come and fish, prepare and taste excellent trouts in Labatie d'Andaure (23 km)

Les gorges de la Daronne
Les Truites d'Andaure
Les Bergers des Chaupous


Sentier des Tours in Tournon (25 km) : 1 hour of marked walk above the old town, departure ascent from the hospital stairs, Tour de la Vierge

The Garden Jardin d'Eden in Tournon : tree-lined terraces in the heart of the old city walls, flowers, sculptures, ponds, fountains ...

Balade à tous les vents (stroll to all winds) in Crozes Hermitage 27 km : on the Sensitive Natural Area of ​​Pierre Aiguille on the heights of Tain, site for observing the migration of birds, fauna and flora

Belvederes : that of the Chapel above Tournon, the Hermitage Hill in Tain, Pierre Aiguille and Méjeans belvederes in Crozes Hermitage.

The Garden Jardin Zen d'Erik Borja : remarkable garden showcasing the art of Japanese gardens in Beaumont Monteux (Drôme 33 km)

Unmissable : Mont Mezenc and Mont Gerbier de Jonc, the highest points of the Ardèche Mountains and the Ray Pic waterfall!

The Grotte Chauvet (Caverne du Pont d'Arc = the Chauvet Cave) or the Aven d'Orgnac, in the south of the department (122 km)


Mont Mezenc
Copyright : france-voyage
Mont Gerbier
Cascade du Ray-Pic
Le Pont d'Arc

Local products :


- in Arlebosc

La Fromagerie des Blanchettes : goat breeding, production of yoghurts, whipped cream cheese, cheeses, meat and fruits - Sale at the farm from Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 to 12 p.m. Bareyron Hamlet

La Ferme des Genêts : organic farming, chestnuts, apples, berries and derived products (jams, juice ...), flowers, plants, vegetables, open every day by appointment in the hamlet Les Fauries

Morlanche : production of red wine, from old Gamay vines - Two vintages : Morlanche and La Mouna - certified Organic Agriculture - sale at the Lamastre market on Saturday morning or by appointment

La Pâtisserie d'Ici : production of various pastries, sweets, pancakes, logs - sale at the Lamastre market

- in the surroundings :

Chez Nath : pub, restaurant, multi-service grocery store, souvenirs in Boucieu-le-Roi

Breweries : Kan Mêm in Colombier-le-Jeune, Hamlet Orion, or Longue Vie in Saint Victor, Farm Corsas, or Freemousse in Saint-Jean-de-Muzols 

La Gîtée du Pain : producer of organic hand-kneaded breads, cooked over a wood fire - sale Tuesday and Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. - Les Traversiers, Le Crestet (10 km)

Au Coeur de la Meule : delicatessen (cheeses, quality local products, chocolates, cold cuts, craft beer, coffee, snails ...) in Saint Félicien

- in Lamastre (13 km) : 

Mag'ique Ardèche : delicatessen of local products 

Cave Desbos : wine merchant, visit and tasting

La Halle Lamastroise : organic and local products, fruits and vegetables

Le Cabas de Stef : groceries, regional products, fruits and vegetables

La Ferme du Châtaignier (just before Lamastre, direction Gilhoc / Ormeze) : tasting and sale of local products, fruit producer, chestnuts, honey... 

- in Tournon-sur-Rhône (25 km) : 

Aux Délices de Dady : local products shop

La Halle Tournonaise Bio : organic food with a wide range of local products

La Vinothèque du Quai : cellar, wide choice of Côte du Rhône, local products

- in Tain l'Hermitage (27 km) :

The Chocolate museum Valrhôna 

Huilerie Richard : olive oils from Nyons, Nîmes, olive-based care products, oil tasting bar

Discovery of the vineyard :

- Tasting workshop : 2.30 initiation for all levels, Haut les grappes in Tournon

- le petit train des vignes de l'Hermitage (the little Hermitage vineyard train) in Tain

- a ride in a Segway and tasting with Terres de Syrah / Cave de Tain

- a family tasting at Maison Chapoutier 

- a walk with a rosalie in the vineyards in Chanos-Curson, Domaine Cave de Pradelle (Drôme 30 km).

Without forgetting the local markets : Tuesday and Saturday mornings in Lamastre, Friday and Sunday mornings in Saint Félicien and Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Tournon...


La Cité du Chocolat
Copyright :
Vignoble de Tain l'Hermitage

Wellness :


Beauty, cosmetics and care institut : En tête à tête in Lamastre

Le Félicien : wellness area with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, multi-jet shower and rest room in Saint-Félicien

Douce Heure : wellness area in Saint Félicien (plantar reflexology, infra-red sauna, hot stones, scalp massage)

Swimmingpool : outdoor and supervised swimmingpool, aquagym, snackbar in Domaine de Pierrageais in Saint-Félicien

Bulle de quiétude : massages with organic vegetable oils, in Tournon-sur-Rhône

Aux soins de Valérianne : massages, magnetism, energy lifting in Tain l'Hermitage

Linaë : aquatic center with wellness area (sauna, hammam, spa, herbal tea room, solarium and fitness area) in Tain l'Hermitage


Linaë, centre aquatique de Tain
Bien-être assuré dans les remous du Doux
sur la plage abandonnée...

Where to go out ?


Chez Mag' : restaurant, karaoké on Friday night in Lamastre

Kaopa Café : atypical coffee bar with demonstration of artisanal roasting in Lamastre

Cinema : in Lamastre or Tournon at Ciné Théâtre (program on their website or at the Tourist Office)

33. national comedian festival : 19-27 August 2022 in Tournon

Bar de la Source : atmospheric bar with musical evenings in Désaignes

L'Agrivoise : manufacture and sale of craft beers, bar-pub, occasional activities, guided tour in July-August on Mondays, in Saint-Agrève

Many pubs, bars, restaurants in Tournon : Barney's, Club 7, Bistingo, barge, My Beers or Bateau ivre, wine bar in Tain.

Nightclub : Hilarios in Tournon

Vochora season : choir, Mediterranean songs, concerts, conferences, between Tournon and Tain 

Show season : Espace des collines in Saint-Donat sur l'Herbasse

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